How to Start the Game

How to start playing?

start with the offensive bets

For those just starting out, you can start with the offensive bets. One of the bets you can bet on in roulette is the red/black or on whether the ball will spin and land on the red/black. These bets are pretty straightforward and don’t require a great deal of understanding. However, it is a good idea to bet on these in order to hedge your bets in case things aren’t going your way.

American and European roulette are the two common how to play roulette games today. The European version has one less square, therefore adding two more numbers compared to the American version which has one less square. This will decrease the house edge and increase your chances of winning.

start with the offensive bets

  • There are a number of other bets you can bet on in roulette. These bets are more complicated than the offensive bets, and if you haven’t learned how to play yet, these are a good place to start.
  • There are other bets you can make outside of the initial ones. You can bet on the outcome of the individual numbers, though note that this will not increase your odds of winning.

You can also bet on columns, rows, areas and six-lines. Essentially, this ‘ision’ is the area of the board that a skilled gambler will wager on. Because, as roulette is a game of chance, the probability of the selected number or area coming up is the same as for any other number or colour not selected.

When you learn how to play roulette, you’ll need to be playing the table version and understanding what happens when you change the ‘special bets’ around.

After you’ve learned the basics, you’ll first need to learn how to play the table version of the game.

  1. The dealer (the person spinning the wheel) will place a marker on the board that says ‘0’ or ’00’. That particular number will be the winning number or colour if the dealer rolls the dice. The advantage of playing American roulette is the extra number on the wheel. When the ball lands on this number, bettors are paid at even odds or 1 to 1, meaning they get their money back or retrain.
  2. American roulette is played with a single wheel and the numbers are represented by a single playing card. To win, the player must bet on the number ‘0’ or ’00’ on the initial spin. The bet will then be placed on the table and the number picked. You can still use your mobile phone for roulette, but you won’t get paid – yet.
  3. Online roulette is a slightly different version of the game, as online casinos often have a game called ‘live roulette’ that you can play alongside the online roulette game. The prizes are then much higher if you win the big bet and your odds of losing much less. This type of online roulette will require you to place your bet on the same number whilst the roulette is spinning and then the ball will have to land on the number in the middle, in this case be it 0 or 00.
  4. When you are online playing roulette you have many many options to choose from but the obvious one is to play the European version of the game. This version sees the ball spun around the rosy red and black wheel, as well as including a green ‘0’ slot. This creates a house edge of 2.7% for the house and away from the American version which pays out at 5 different numbers, the European version is more jealous of the fact that the European roulette wheel has one less slot the American wheel.

When playing roulette you should always go to the high rollers area of an online casino and whilst there are no such thing as a high roller they are often played at a high table and will have a figure of eight or nine on the roulette table, this corresponds to the house edge.

The most recent version of roulette has seen the introduction of the double zero – where the house edge is doubled on every bet – this was done to encourage more people to play online roulette and the fact is that the reputation of roulette has increased worldwide.